Sunday, March 24, 2013

BIG news for the Leydsmans, we're building!

I know a lot of you already know but I wanted to make an official announcement that we are building a new home! After months of waiting for plans to be drawn and making sure that everything went smoothly with purchasing the lot I can finally publicize how dang excited I am! We are building our home in Alpine, UT. Alpine is an adorable little town about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City.  We love Alpine because the homes are typically nice and spaced out on larger lots, you are right at the foot of the mountains for amazing views, and I love it because there are actually trees which can be so hard to find in Utah! We have a .5 acre lot that I am so excited to plant a little garden on. Nic and I have spent many nights (and sometimes into the early morning hours) on obsessing over photos of homes. We have collected hundreds of images of details we love so we're hoping the design process will not be too difficult for us.

I am excited for every aspect of building and I promise to keep all of my blog readers updated. We are working on finalizing plans and hope to break ground by the end of May (fingers crossed!). We chose to build with Cadence Homes because of their amazing homes featured in the Parade of Homes.  Every year we admired how much detail they were able to put into their designs while still maintaining a reasonable price point. Cadence has great standard plans but we opted to do a custom plan so it has been tons of fun having so much input in how the floor plan will be. Everyone at Cadence has been a pleasure to work with. If you're in the market to build you should really consider them. We are extremely picky clients and they have put up with all of our ridiculous demands and concerns. I just love them for that.

I wanted to leave you with some photos of the lot (as you can see by the foot+ of snow, these photos are about a month old) and a sneak peak of the "tentative" floor plan. Our main floor is finalized but we still have some tweaking to do to the exterior, basement, and 2nd floor. We are very excited and feel very blessed to be embarking on this fun time in our lives. Stay tuned for periodic updates on how things are going!

Main Floor- Sorry its so hard to read the room descriptions!

Front Elevation

Side Elevation

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  1. Good luck!! Great mountain views - look forward to future updates!